Women Who Inspire: Rometris Davis-Wright (Entrepreneur & Coach)

Rometris Davis-Wright is a woman who radiates a positively contagious strength – hers is an aura filled with light and loving tenderness. She is seamlessly grounded and in tune with herself and others. We had the immense pleasure of having Rometris facilitate one of our Mental Health and Wellness sessions last year, and it was magic. You can read more about it here. We look forward to many more sessions with her this year. Shortly after our session last year, we reached out to Rometris to profile her for this segment as she is a prime example of turning your passion and innate abilities into a business.

For every woman who inspires us, there is a unique quality and passion inherent in their very being and the same is true for Rometris. Her life’s work is centred on elevating others and guiding them to see, value, accept, reconcile and thrive in their beautiful and complex consciousness and realities. Rometris moved to Norway 9 years ago and has since made a life for herself and family here. As an entrepreneur and life coach, she has a genuine love for people and through her work, she meets many who are in various paths of their lives journey. Where opportunity allows, she works with people to help them heal so as to remove stumbling blocks that keep them from flourishing. Rometris inspires those she meets through her workshops to live authentically. Her view of life is as simple as it is profound, what we are on the outside reflects who we are on the inside. And to improve our lives we must take steps towards self-development and wellness. 

Rometris is a quiet force and a woman we have come to know and admire. When she walks into a room, you see her strength and you also very quickly notice that she extremely motherly and kind. Her guidance is judgment-free and she continually seeks to to lift people up and encourage them to become the best version of themselves at every point in their lives. Rometris often facilitates events and workshops – do yourself a favor and join one of her sessions

When not working or facilitating an event, Rometris enjoys spending time with her family.

You can read more about Rometris below.

“Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to live in Norway?

My name is Rometris Davis-Wright and I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother, sister, friend and life coach. The desire to have my children closer to their Norwegian roots and to experience the way of life here brought me to Norway. It was supposed to be for one year and here we are, nine years later.

“What does your work entail?

I am a motivational speaker, teacher and mentor. I’ve always had a deep desire to help others whenever someone was in pain, doubt or worry. I’m somewhat of an ‘uplifter’ if you can say that.  I won’t say that I sought to offer my services in Norway, it actually found me.  I had doubts that I could ever be successful with my work here, so a part of me wanted to move back to the USA. But once I decided I wanted to stay, I had to surrender and plant both feet here in Norway in order to move forward. So, with perseverance, creativity, and a positive mindset, I began to gradually achieve what I sought after. It was only then that I realized how much my work was needed in Norway. I’ve been told that I have quite unique way of teaching and facilitating – and I am humbled and encouraged by this. In my work, it is important that my clients are comfortable and that their sessions with me become natural and seamless. During the sessions I incorporate humor to help my clients to feel secure and empowered within themselves. It’s a very rewarding work and it’s humbling that I have touched as many lives as I have here and internationally just by being myself, following my unique calling and using my skills.

Some of your work focuses on personal development and wellness. Can you speak more to this?

I truly believe that our struggles, doubt, worry, fear, lack, limitation etc. are reflections of what’s inside of us.  Our beliefs about ourselves, our stories…our history… it all influences how we feel about ourselves. This, in turn, influences our state of mind and health since our bodies follow the mind. So, as a facilitator for personal self-development and wellness, I help my clients to understand what’s present at their core that is showing up in their lives, as imbalances or blocks that keep them from moving forward. I support my clients in their process by providing one-to-one mentoring or group workshops, both online and in person.

“How might one’s life be uprooted when they move to a new country? And how does your guidance provide a solution?

Our lives can be uprooted because where we come from shapes our identity. So, when we are no longer planted where we are from, we experience a sense of loss.  And we must allow ourselves to grieve for as long as it takes, then pick ourselves up and DECIDE whether we will allow the new environment and way of life make us or break us. It’s a process, you see.  Once that decision is made, you place one foot in front of the other and use the resources that are available to you (or create your own resources) in order to get to the next step and the step after that. When you feel knocked down, it is important to reassess the situation to determine whether the misstep is an opportunity for learning and improvement or if it’s an indicator to go in a different direction all together and seek better opportunities for yourself. I believe that our primary goal should always be to keep moving forward; keep growing; become stronger; wiser; build immunity and resilience; and in so doing, we will find confidence and courage along the way. 

My work isn’t from a textbook. It’s individualized and adapted to the needs of the client. I meet the client where they are and on their level of commitment and understanding. I listen, see and hear them. They are supported and they feel it. I also clearly inform them that their growth is an ‘inside’ job and as such, is their responsibility. Personal responsibility and accountability are very important in personal growth and progress. Through my work, I strive to show them the way, but they must be self-sufficient and take the steps themselves. Years of experience has thought me that this is the ultimate and best way to succeed. This said, I emphasize that success has no finish line. Success is the allowance of the growth process and all that is to be learned or unlearned along the way.

“Why is this work important to you?

This work is everything to me. To witness the transformation right in front of my eyes is like watching a flower that is nearly wilting away, become brighter, stronger and full of life again. This is what drives me. My work is a privilege – to share in the journey of others. It remains a joy to lift people up; to offer a renewed sense of purpose, strength and identity; to guide them as they reconnect with their true selves, their power and right to success – there is nothing better or more rewarding that this.

“Who are your target groups? Why is this type of work important for your target group and how do you work with your target group?

Interestingly enough, I don’t have a target group. My youngest client is 14, the oldest is in their 80’s. Some men, but mostly young adult to mature aged women. My groups are very diverse which is what I absolutely love! From different backgrounds and ways of life. This work is important for anyone who wishes to live an inspired life, and to be an authentic and powerful influence in the lives of others

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Chisom is a thought-leader in DEIB and a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness. She writes often on DEIB and justice related topics, some of her work is published on Forbes.

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