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 Transformative and sustainable solutions for people, leaders, management and organizations through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

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We are a globally-minded diversity and inclusion consulting organization. We support businesses, leaders and organizations in developing and implementing transformative and lasting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEIB) solutions. Each client receives bespoke DEIB strategies that aligns with organization culture, goals, mission and values. This strategic plan connects organizational business goals and outcomes to DEI initiative.

Using our tailored-approach, we partner with our clients to develop, streamline, integrate and measure strategies that lead to measurable and lasting growth. At Diversify, we believe in the “come as you are” philosophy and in our DEIB work, we employ the methodology of “meeting people where they are.” Using this approach, we collaborate closely with your business and organization to cultivate the most effective, long-lasting DEIB solutions.

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DEIB Consulting

We offer end to end DEIB strategy development and work closely with executives, leaders, HR management and diversity boards to develop strategies that focus on inclusion and developing cultural competence at all levels of the organization. We believe that a sustainable DEI strategy requires a long-term view and incorporates top-down, bottom-up and people-centered approach.

Our 4I model engages all stakeholders, identifies measures to evaluate current and future programs, implementing DEI initiative and integrating the strategy into existing business processes.

4 "I " MODEL





Cultural Audits

We explore cultural competence in our client’s institutions. We collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data, and facilitate workshops, focus groups and trainings.

Some of our expertise

  • Diversity Branding and Marketing
  • Diversity Communication and Risk Management
  • Diversity Management and Organizational Design
  • Diversity Retention
  • Diversity Sourcing and Strategy


We offer a diverse array of learning experiences, in person and virtually, that cover a range of DEIB topics. Our programs are designed to meet the needs and organizational readiness of each client.

Some of the topics we cover in trainings

Micro-aggressions & Micro-affirmations



Cultural Awareness and Belonging

DEIB in practice: Implementation and Measurement

Inter/cross/multi Cultural Communication & Competence

Race Confidence

Disability Inclusion

Gender Equality & Equity

Inclusive Leadership

Intersectionality, Inclusion and Social Justice

Recruitment & Retention

Power, Privilege & Allyship

Unconscious and Implicit Bias

Tokenism & Identity Politics

Addressing Micro-aggressions



Cultural Awareness and Belonging

DEIB in practice: Implementation and Measurement

Effective Communication

Engaging in Bold and Inclusive Conversations

Equity Versus Equality in the Workplace

Gender Equality & Equity

Inclusive Leadership

Intersectionality, Inclusion and Social Justice

Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Competence

Unconscious and Implicit Bias

Understanding Identity


DEIB Charrette

We engage with all stakeholders in an organisation, identify key stakeholders – representatives and group leaders and engage in a concentrated and comprehensive period of DEIB planning, design and implementation for a specific problem.

Our DEIB Charrettes are collaborative in nature. Stakeholders identify a problem and design a solution that will be incorporated into the company’s processes.

Inclusion Calendar

Be Inclusive
With Inclusion Calendar 2022

Do you want to know more about the Diversity & Inclusion Calendar and the benefits it can bring to your organization?

Practical tips for your DEIB work.

As our gift to you, we are continuously gathering best practices for implementing sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. Feel free to download the infographics and utilise in your workplace. In addition, we’d like to say a big congratulations to you, for doing this important work. Wherever you are on your journey, we salute you!  Thank you for your interest in creating and sustaining a more inclusive world.

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