Diversity & Inclusion

A Diversity & Inclusion Calendar is an important way to nurture and celebrate diversity and inclusion. It is beneficial for the following non-exhaustive reasons including:

  • Specifying important information on dates, holidays and celebrations for employees, partners and customers;
  • Preventing reactive and performative diversity initiatives by supporting proactive and intentional planning;
  • Encouraging self-learning and personal development;
  • Promoting cultural and social awareness of the diverse people at work and society;
  • Fostering your DEIB values internally and externally;
  • Signalling and taking your stance on diversity and inclusion;
  • Increasing your credibility with managers, staff, partners and patrons;
  • Supporting the conscious planning and execution of your diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging training initiatives;
  • Ensuring everyone can have immediate access – at work and at home;
  • Providing a cost-effective resource to promote awareness of inclusion throughout your organisation.

Digital Diversity & Inclusion Calendars | ICS format

It comes in ICS, and is available to be downloaded into your Google and Outlook calendars.

Digital Diversity & Inclusion Calendars | PDF

Our PDFs can also be delivered in a universally accessible format which allows as many people as possible to use and benefit from the content including people with disabilities and visual impairments. It can be hosted on your company website or intranet so your employees, clients and collaborators have unlimited and free access.

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