August 2022 – December 2022

The mentee registration period has concluded.

The program is free for all participants!

What is Zenith Mentorship

The Zenith Mentorship Program helps people with immigrant and minority backgrounds in Norway to find relevant employment or scale-up their existing businesses via one-on-one primary and secondary mentorship, peer learning, professional development workshops and events.

Through mentorship, job seekers and future entrepreneurs can be encouraged and empowered to identify and achieve their career goals, while increasing their confidence and gaining a broader business and personal perspectives.

The core of our mentor program is the collaboration that takes place between each mentee and their personal mentor. Mentor and mentee meet 2 times a month for a time span of upto 6 months. To increase the mentee’s and the mentor’s chances of success, they are followed up by a wide range of support function.


Who you are


18 – 55 years of age, skilled and identify as being an immigrant or a member of minority group in Norway


Ready to find relevant employment or scale up your business


Responsible, ambitious and committed to professional growth

What you get

Mentoring & Learning

Different types of mentorship and group support: one-on-one, advisory pool of mentors, peer learning.

Networking and Community Building

Increased professional networks in relevant professional fields through our events, activities, support from mentors, workshop facilitators and other program participants.

Professional Development

Monthly professional courses and workshops focused on finding employment or scaling up your business.

The mentee registration period has concluded.


Mentorship is a proven method that is beneficial for both mentor and the mentee in building their self-confidence, communication and leadership skills. 

Become a mentor and provide guidance, give advice and share your experience to help mentees grow as entrepreneurs and future employees.

Benefits for Mentors

Expand Your Network

Hone & Leverage Your Leadership and Communication Skills

Empower and Learn from your mentees

Reap immeasurable Reverse Mentoring benefit

Who you are

We are searching for professionals with both immigrant and/or Norwegian backgrounds coming from all kinds of work fields in Norway, who are passionate about sharing their job-searching and work-related experience, inspire, motivate and lift up others to fulfill their aspirations of working within their fields of expertise in Norway.

Together, we can foster diversity and inclusion within Norwegian workspaces, help people get their dream jobs, and fight `brain waste` in Norway.

What you get

As a mentor at our Zenith Mentorship program, you will have a chance to develop your leadership skills alongside other professionals from a variety of fields in Norway. Throughout the program, the mentors will receive guidance and supervision, while also having access to our wide network of experts and like-minded people from all around the globe, living in Norway. Moreover, as a mentor, the interaction with a mentee from the same or similar field of expertise will be enriching for both, as you will exchange thoughts, experiences and viewpoints on similar topics from different angles.

If you would like to become our mentor, register here.

Become a mentor

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