Reflections: “Healing Through Meditation” with Rometris

Our third instalment in the Diversify Youth Series was Healing Through Meditation. At this session, participants got to deeply connect with parts of themselves as well as with each other.

Rometris chose fear as the point of exploration and the subject of this particular session. The participants examined what fear meant to each of them and fear manifests in their lives. In digging deep, the participants got to dive into the meaning of fear. Rometris pointed out that we are all dual beings, made out of light and dark, and by accepting both parts, we can truly accept ourselves. Rometris also pointed to the notion that the type of fear we often allow to limit us, does not emanate from situations with real dangers. 

To Rometris FEAR is an acronym for: 

F: False. 

E: Evidence/Energy. 

A: Appearing.

R: Real. 

The more we believe in those false evidence, the more it becomes real for us. What fear is, according to Rometris, is energy. As soon as we start seeing it for what it is, in this case – just as a hologram, there will be no need to be debilitated by it.

Rometris posed two very significant questions: 

  1. Why do we believe in fear and not in our dreams or in ourselves? 
  2. What would happen and what kind of a person would we be if we decided to face our fear as it really is and let it go? 

Her answer is that we could start loving freely and openly, we could be who we really are and let the walls that we built around us down, in trust.

It is very important what we believe in and what kind of a mindset we cultivate because what we believe, we create. We should put our attention on our dreams, not our fears. The fear is always going to be there, but it feeds on the energy our attention gives to it. Don’t feed your fear!

At the second part of the session Rometris led the participants through a powerful meditation with a purpose to face our fear, talk to it and transform it. It was a transformational experience for everyone involved. Rometris left the participants feeling thankful for her gentle and intuitive guidance, as well as empowered and more aware of the importance of embracing, walking through and letting go of fear, as opposed to being led by it.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to have had Rometris and her light guide us through this brave, peaceful and empowering session. We look forward to future sessions with her.

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