At Diversify, we believe in an inclusive, diverse and responsible society and workplace. Inclusion is an ongoing – not a ‘few session’ – training.  Our belief of diversity as a resource cements our work on projects that seeks to see everyone thrive on a basis of diversity, inclusion, social integration, employment opportunity, mental health and wellness.


We aim to foster a growing, supportive and judgment free community that thrives on empathy, diversity, and opportunity for all, whilst rejecting the fear of the ‘other’. We are hands-on in our approach and believe that people can flourish if they have an enabling society, workplace and community. Our primary goal is to provide the platform and resources to enable and support inclusive socio-economic advancement for all.


Our immediate areas of focus are twofold:  1) to advocate for and impact workplace inclusion in Norway across all diversity variables (including but not limited to age, race, gender, creed, nationality, language, religion and sexual orientation); 2) to design and execute projects that promote employment opportunities and social belonging for people of immigrant or international backgrounds in Norway. 


As Diversify continues to evolve, we will support our efforts through data-driven research and measure the impacts of our projects as they begin to impact on target groups and stakeholders across all industry and societal sectors. We aim to collaborate with likeminded policy makers, municipalities, organisations, companies and individuals, because we believe that together, we can make a positive and sustainable impact.

How We Engage

Panel Discussion at "Job Creation for & by Women, Springboard 2018"


We host events that call attention to the need for a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We constructively address challenges our target groups experience. We partner with public and private stakeholders to provide relevant professional training, mentorship, and a platform that promotes equal employment opportunity for all.

Diversify Research


We conduct data-driven investigations on relevant topics. We collaborate with private and public stakeholders to establish facts, reach new conclusions and advance knowledge on research on societal and workplace diversity and culture as it relates to inclusion, advancement and opportunity for members of our target groups.



Our Blog is a platform for dissemination of information. We believe in collaborative transfer value and use this as our primary portal for sharing experiences, lessons learned from projects and opinions that are relevant to our target groups. We aim to publish relevant and diverse content that is empowering and inspiring to all stakeholders.

Diversify Gatherings

Social Gatherings

We host social gatherings, usually over food or another activity (i.e. Yoga, Painting) as a way to facilitate network building, community and belonging, whilst discussing relevant topics, and advancing our mental health and wellness. We often collaborate with others to successfully execute these sessions.

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