Womxn Entrepreneurs: Business idea – Start up – Grow

Join us online with MŪZOFUND and AfricaConnect to learn about and discuss financial empowerment, women’s entrepreneurship and the necessary mindset to take the step to become an entrepreneur. This event will provide a safe space and community in which to share our journeys in entrepreneurship, and to learn and grow.

Two areas of focus:

1. The journey itself:
Being a woman founder & the journey towards becoming an entrepreneur.
The personal experience of self-doubt, insecurities & worry. And the mindset needed to succeed, to be brave and take that leap of faith.
Aim: To share openly our journeys
Reflection: What made you decide on creating a different life for yourself? How do we maintain a sense of positivity when women are faced with extra challenges, both socially & culturally?

2. The financial capability:
How do you scale up your business?
What are some of the challenges female founders face?
What are some opportunities in these uncertain times? – How can we grow stronger?

The participants will receive a workbook which they can utilise throughout the event. This will provide learning space and give people the opportunity to reflect on their current situation and where they’re going.

Cost: Free
Suggested donation of 100NOK

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