Women, Responsibility and Management: Transformative Listening

Women, Responsibility and Management: Transformative Listening

Women, Responsibility and Management is a multi part series of workshops and gatherings to support women who have responsibility for managing things, people and households. Each session is independent/stand alone.

Do you feel responsible for making things happen, for problem solving, setting the agenda and having the answers? Being expected to hold responsibility and authority can be awesome, motivating and exciting but also tiring and overwhelming at times. It’s not easy having to keep things ‘together’. This series of gently facilitated small online gatherings and workshops will give you the opportunity to seek sanctuary and solidarity, to put down the weight of responsibility and seek support from women who can relate.

Transformative Listening is a non judgemental, gently facilitated active listening circle inspired by the theory of Re-evaluation (peer) Counselling and the approach of Meredith Lewis’ Spaces for Listening.

The session is an opportunity to find stillness and reflect on responsibility and overwhelm. A space to speak your truth, if you feel moved to and process what is present in you. Transformative Listening Groups are intentionally open spaces to be heard, seen and valued, exactly as you are, where no advice or solutions are offered. A space to let go of the identity veils we maintain, to come as you are and seek sanctuary with people that empathise with your situation and hold space for your unique set of circumstances and experiences.

Upcoming stand-alone sessions in this series are: June 29.

This event is FREE to attend. Please RSVP below.

Selena Støback

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Selena Støback is a mental health innovation advocate and women’s rights activist, with a background in driving policy and systems change through radical collaboration and capacity building. Selena is an experienced international trainer, facilitator and peer counsellor, valuing deep listening and dialogue as the best way to solve problems.

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