Women in Tech: Ethical AI with Cathrine Bui poster

Women in Tech: Ethical AI with Cathrine Bui

When you think about working in “tech”, what do you imagine? It might quite possibly be something along the lines of computers, coding, robots, silicon valley… and men?

With this series we aim to challenge these stereotypes by demonstrating the broad range of careers and skills that fall under the category of “tech”, as well as the diverse range of people who work within tech, especially women.

This Women in Tech session will look at Ethical Artificial Intelligence

We come into contact with artificial intelligence (AI) technology on a daily basis- in retail shopping, on dating apps, in sports analytics and product optimisation.

The potential of AI is mind-blowing, but has the technology been produced in an ethical way?

In this discussion we will explore the relationship between AI and diversity and inclusion, how we can try to remove bias from AI tech, and what we can do as consumers to make ethical choices.

Our guest speaker, Cathrine Bui, will explore these topics and  many more!

This event will be held online.

This event is FREE to attend. To register for the event follow the click HERE.

Cathrine Bui

Cathrine Bui is passionate about developing a world where AI helps people flourish instead of increasing the inequalities of the world. She believes in using empathy, innovation, and values-based social design to address the social issues of technical systems.

Cathrine combines her past experience as the head of the global EQUALS Research Coalition on digital gender equality and her technical background in IT to address the issue of discriminating and unethical AI systems. She wrote her master’s thesis on gender bias in AI at the University of Oslo, which won the Best Scientific Poster Award at the 2021 NORA Conference.

Cathrine founded Bui Consulting in 2021, establishing herself as a lead consultant on AI ethics, working with companies such as DNB to develop algorithmic impact assessments, find ethical risks in AI systems, and prepare for compliance towards the upcoming EU AI Act regulations. Cathrine is a professional speaker on the subject of AI ethics and gender equality. She is a member of NORDE, Norwegian Council for Digital Ethics; and on the board of Protocols of AI Security IEEE, a global initiative to set up a research center HQ in South Korea that is the first of its kind.

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