The Circle

Change is inevitable, but thriving is often a choice.

Many of us have dealt with change in various ways; a relocation to a new country, unemployment, past or current trauma, loss of a loved one, or perhaps a change of relationship. These adjustments can often throw us off balance and sometimes, might result in a loss of self, identity, sense of stability, or our social and/or professional community.

In addition, 2020 has been an historical year, a year that has been further amplified by the challenge of a global pandemic. How are we to build bridges and create networks during a time when distance is necessary and isolation inevitable? These challenges, left unaddressed might lead to increased mental health struggles. Our wellbeing might also be further worsened by a lack of a supportive network or a safe and judgement free space where we can come together to begin on our path to wellness.

With The Circle, we are building a community of supportive, strong and empowered people. Not because we do not face challenges, but in spite of them. We aim to create a safe and nurturing space where we can all be seen, heard and valued both as we are and as we want to be.

In The Circle, you have the option to share or just listen. In either case, you’ll get to partake in the magic of a supportive community. While we know that there is no blueprint to wellness, we believe, wholeheartedly, that having a supportive community makes the journey easier.

When you leave this session, we hope you will feel nurtured and lifted in your spirit. We look forward to seeing you.

This event is free for participants. This event will be held online. Please register to receive the Zoom link.

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