Sustainability in a Post-pandemic Era

Sustainability in a Post-pandemic Era: A Woman’s Perspective

The pandemic has deepened inequality. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless before the challenges we’re facing. But, if nothing else, our collective response to the pandemic has shown that we have an incredible capacity for change. What if we could emerge from this pandemic with an increased appetite for change? What if we decided to take this as a pivotal moment to change our course?

This 4 part series will take a selection of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as starting points, and discuss how we can be empowered to make changes in our everyday lives that can have impact. With insights into current research and work in these areas, as well as open and interactive dialogue among the participants, our goal is that you will leave these sessions not overwhelmed but empowered with new awareness, food for thought, and tangible tips.

Climate Action through Responsible Consumption & Production

“The current system is no longer working for businesses, people or the environment.” Ellen MacArthur Foundation

How would the world look if everything was designed to be restorative and regenerative? And what impact can we as designers, business owners, and consumers have?

This is the third session in our four-part series on “sustainability in a post-pandemic era”. In this session, we will walk you through moving from an unsustainable linear economy and a consumerist society towards restorative and regenerative circular systems and mindful consumption. You will receive an overview over product and material life cycles, selected chemicals and materials of concern (and how to swap them out), and will hear from various guest speakers who tackle issues of waste and (un)sustainable lifestyles.

Come to our session to learn and challenge yourself on the topics of materials, consumption and ways to live more sustainably and wholesomely.

Guest speakers will be announced soon!

*This event is free to attend, please register HERE.
**This event will be held online.

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