Recruitment & Job search in Norway

Recruitment & Job search in Norway: Pandemic Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our day to day experiences in numerous ways, and has had a huge impact on our working lives: where we work, how and with whom. As society begins to open up in Norway, many people are looking for work or are looking to employ.

This session will be led by Eva Kanic-Pieterse, who has 10 years experience in HR and recruitment. Eva will share her knowledge about recruitment and job search in Norway with a particular look into how the pandemic has influenced this process. The job search, applications and the interview process have all been impacted be the pandemic, so Eva will provide some tips on how to prepare yourself to ensure that you have the best chance to find a position that is right for you.

This event is a collaboration between Diversify and Virtuala.

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Eva Kanic-Pieterse

Whiteboard presentation

Eva has 10 years of HR and recruitment experience and will talk about recruitment and job search in Norway. She will also talk about how the pandemic has changed some of the ways we apply for jobs and have interviews. There are some challenges that have been identified during the pandemic

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