Mental Health in Times of Relocation & Unemployment

A major life event such as relocation is exciting, but it can also come with many emotional challenges including but not limited to culture shock, isolation, homesickness, loneliness and anxiety. These, coupled with the inability to secure a job, or feel integrated via community or employment can lead to feelings of depression, shrinking or being trapped. Studies have found that many immigrants and expats are at risk of internalizing the challenges they face, which in turn leads to heightened anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and reduced self-esteem.

Based on our discussions and surveys of immigrants and/or internationals in Norway, we find that many have experienced a form of depression. And despite how widespread these challenges are, many people do not anticipate or have the tools to mitigate them.

So, with this event, we would like to address some of the structural, physical, psychological and emotional challenges we face (and let’s not forget about climatic challenges too!). Particularly, we seek to learn about available tools or resources we can activate to protect and defend our mental health. We are not alone in our struggles, and together, we hope to find a healthy and sustainable solution.

You will hear from a licensed Psychologist, as well as the stories of other internationals in Norway who have survived their challenges and are thriving professionally, socially and emotionally.



Katie Lee Barstad: Community Lead at WeWork Tjuvholmen.

Dr. Tyrone Partee: Counsellor; Senior Chaplain at Ila prison; and Board Member, Authentigration.

Sarah Przedpelska: Program Director, Catalysts Norway.

Rahwa Gebrekidan: Founder, Manifold.

Faraaz Ali: Coach, Author, and Communications Director at Founder’s Institute Oslo.

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This session will take place at WeWork. WeWork is a global workspace provider using thoughtful design and advanced technology to empower businesses of all sizes and industries.

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