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How to Nail a Job Interview with Sergio Prin-Sand

How do you best prepare for a job interview?

Sergio Prin-Sand, Talent Acquisition Partner at Schibsted, will run a professional development workshop to provide you with the right tools and techniques for a successful interview in Norway and beyond.

Drawing on his experience from the Talent Acquisition field, as well as his life experiences of working in various countries around the globe, Sergio has unique tips and tricks that will assist you in “nailing” your job interviews and getting closer to your dream jobs in Norway.

This event is FREE to attend. To register for the event follow the click HERE.

The session is a professional development event for our Nexus Mentorship Program, which connects highly skilled immigrants with mentors from their academic and professional fields. Joining this event is also an excellent opportunity to network with mentees and mentors within the program.

Sergio Prin-Sand has 4 years of experience from the tech industry in recruitment, sales, and business development roles. He’s had the opportunity to study and work in Venezuela, Italy, Canada, and Norway, and is curre ntly based in Oslo. Sergio has a keen interest in connecting with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, in addition to a fascination with technology that led him to Microsoft and Netlight. He recently started a new position at Schibsted as Talent Acquisition Partner, where he will help build strong and diverse teams with a focus on tech and product roles.

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