Business Startup 101: Business Model Sustainability & Customer Acquisition

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Hello friends! Due to the COVID-19, we have decided to move some of our events online. We understand that the spread of this virus has brought more uncertainty to our livelihoods, and has led to temporary or permanent loss of employment for many. So what can we do to adapt to our current climate?

At Diversify, one of our core mandates is to provide resources for people to start their own businesses. In making lemonades out of lemons, we are starting this with a series on “How to Start Up and Monetize Your Own Business”.

In our first webinar, we covered how to start a business and monetise your passion. So now, it is time to get into the meat of things. Having a strong and comprehensive business model is important for the survival of your business and your ability to retain customers.

So with this session, we address two important subjects:

1. Business Model: What should go into your business model? How sustainable is it? Can it survive unforeseen risks, financial down turns, evolving business world, bad business decision or a virus that changes the way people interact?

2. Customer Acquisition: How to really go about gaining customers and convincing them to pay for your product. How important is the market research in the beginning? How do you retain acquired customers?

Special Guest: Ateh Atabong, Founder and CEO of SAWA.

Ateh Atabong
, our speaker for this segment is the CEO and Co-Founder of SAWA, an agribusiness and cosmetic company that imports highly nutritional and natural products from small scale farmers and farmer cooperatives in various African countries to Norway. Ateh has an academic background in Pharmacy, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, with special focus on developing and emerging countries. He is also the Founder of Heta Group, a company that specializes in the distribution of FMCG and healthcare products, and provides hygiene information to school children in Cameroon. He has also invested in a few companies and serves on the board of a couple of start-ups in the African Continent and in Norway. Through these experiences, he has acquired skills in Business Development and Strategy, Lean start-up, Design thinking, Management Training, and a rich knowledge in customer identification and validation. Ateh has a passion for new thinking, adaptation of new technology to solve specific customer needs, innovation and business, and a passion for empowering people with information.
Ateh has experience in starting and growing successful and not so successful businesses. So he has insight on “what not to do”. We look forward to hearing from Ateh. ✨

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