Bergen Panel Discussion: Job Creation for and by Immigrants & Internationals

This panel discussion on Job Creation for and by Immigrants & Internationals is part of the Springboard program to address the challenges that people of immigrant backgrounds face in Norway, particularly as they relate to securing employment or growing their own businesses.

In Norway, immigrants, internationals, and repats find it difficult to find work, and especially those that match their skills and education. Moreover, societal and institutional structures that facilitate employment opportunities, job creation, and network building are not easily accessible. Some face challenges on a basis of nationality, religion, culture, language, and thinking styles, irrespective of their skill, profession, or academic attainment. With this panel, we would like to highlight the challenges, take note of best practices, and provide tools, resources and network to improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of people within our target group.

With Springboard, we also aim to challenge and shatter personal and societal limitations that have been internalized by people in our target group, and chart a new way forward, together.

At this panel discussion, you will hear from stakeholders including entrepreneurs, business owners, and representatives of relevant companies/organizations. They will share their experiences, challenges, and advice on how you can secure relevant work in Norway or start a sustainable business.

If you would like to learn more about Springboard, visit our project page.

This is a FREE event for all participants.

We will strictly adhere to the rule and regulations by the Norwegian Authorities with regards to the COVID-19.

Consequently, tickets are limited and available on a “first come first serve basis”. Book your free ticket ASAP to reserve your place.

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