The Circle: Outward Expression, Inward Reflection

Discover new ways of knowing yourself, others around you and the environment.

This workshop will follow a series of activities which encourage you to explore physical movement, expression and communication. These are designed to make you investigate your own sense of identity, how you relate to to other people and the physical space around you.

The supporting methodology is Augusto Boal’s Theory of the Oppressed. Boal was a Brazilian dramaturge who created this methodology in order to alter the power imbalance which exists within society through heightening self expression.

We will be using Boal’s methods as an artistic outlet, to change up our routines during these challenging times, to do something different and meet new people. Join us for some fun, some outward expression and inward reflection. 

About Nikki Hayes

Nikki has a background in creative dance and has trained in ballet, contemporary and character techniques, of which she has been teaching for the past 10 years. As a performer, Nikki has traveled within Australia and internationally. She brings a holistic approach to her performance, taking all production elements into consideration. Aside from dance, Nikki is a 200h qualified Vinyasa yoga teacher. Academically, she holds a bachelors in history and is in the process of completing her Maters of International Development, where she focuses on practical and participatory methods of development.

Chisom Udeze

Founder of Diversify, Diversify Consult, HerSpace & The Annual

Chisom is an Economist, a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Strategist, and a 3 times founder of impact driven companies. She has over 14 years of experience working with organizations like the European Commission, The United Nations, ExxonMobil and The Economist Group. Chisom is analytical and a data enthusiast. She is passionate about interrogating the cross-sectoral relationship between society’s inhabitants, resources, production, technology, distribution and output. She efficiently and effectively unlocks complex systems, interprets data, forecasts socio-economic trends and conducts research.

Having lived and worked in 7 countries across 3 continents, she is highly adaptable to different circumstances and people, and thrives in uncertain environments.

As the founder of Diversify and Diversify Consult, Chisom and her team work with companies, institutions, governments and civil society to develop sustainable DEIB strategies and embed measurable diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace and society. In addition, in 2022, Diversify launched the Diversify Nordics Summit, the largest conference in the Nordics that gathers cross-sectoral stakeholders to amplify DEIB in the Nordics and beyond.

In 2020, she founded HerSpace, a diverse and inclusive co-creation community for all genders, with particular focus on women and non-binary people. In 2022, HerSpace launched HerTech, Women in Tech incubator, for women-led companies, with a focus on the inclusion of diverse founders. 

Chisom is a thought-leader in DEIB and a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness. She writes often on DEIB and justice related topics, some of her work is published on Forbes.

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