Sustainability: Why You Should Care.

Sustainability: Why You Should Care.

Sustainability: Why You Should Care.

In the past decade Sustainability has popped up almost everywhere! Sustainable fashion, business, development, lifestyle, branding…. But what does it all mean?

With the launch of the sustainable development goals in 2015, sustainability became an international code of conduct, to which countries could subscribe in order to join the movement for a more just world. Through these 17 goals, we understand that sustainability does not only relate to the environment, but has cultural, social, economic and political connotations and impact. 

In this series we will explore how sustainability applies to an individual in a community, a group of people within societal structures, governance, policies and the collective global village. Where does the responsibility for sustainable change and impact lie?

This is the first session of the series, and will provide a foundational exploration of sustainability as it relates to business practices, governance and policies, social justice, and the environment.

More information about our speakers coming soon! 

This event is free to attend, please RSVP below.

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