Poster of New Mental Health Project

Mental Health in Times of COVID-19

We are happy to announce that we have designed a series in collaboration with Humans for Humans.

The corona virus and overflow of news and information has brought about a lot of panic and anxiety for many. The necessary lockdown also comes with many emotional challenges including but not limited to isolation, homesickness, loneliness and depression. Uncertainty is on the rise, as many people have temporarily or permanently lost their jobs.  These, coupled with the inability to secure a new job, or feel integrated in the community can lead to feelings of depression, shrinking, being trapped and a negative shift in our identities which reduces self esteem.

Based on our discussions and surveys of our community members, we find that many have experienced a form of depression, loneliness, negative thoughts about self and/or anxiety. And despite how widespread these challenges are, many people do not have the tools to mitigate them or people to talk to.

So, with this project, we would like to address some of the socio-economic, psychological and emotional challenges we are all facing. We also want to build a supportive community where people can share and meet others who can help them thrive in these times. Particularly, we seek to learn from licensed therapists about available tools, techniques or resources we can activate to protect and defend our mental health in this time of crisis and increased isolation.

We are not alone in our struggles, and by bringing people together, we hope to find a healthy and sustainable solution for people who face challenges. By connecting through this project, people will feel less isolated and join a supportive community. The first step to healing is by reaching out or seeking help.

Each session will cover a topic relevant to what people are experiencing due to the corona pandemic. Join us for these free events where you will find warm and supportive community.

The first series will launch on April 13, 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

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