Conflict Resolution at the Workplace: Transforming challenges into Opportunities.

Conflict Resolution at the Workplace: Transforming challenges into Opportunities.

Conflict Resolution at the Workplace

When people work together the potential for misunderstandings, disagreements and conflicts is always present. The art of communication is complex. People are complex. We all come from different experiences, interests, backgrounds, perspectives and preferences. This wealth of individual differences can be used constructively to drive organisations forward and create business results together. It can also be the cause for rising tensions, discomfort, harsh disagreements, and conflicts that create destructive working environments at worst and workplace anxiety at best. 

In this series, we will explore this landscape in all its complexity. In doing so, we will provide you with actionable tools that can help you navigate conflicts constructively and effectively at your workplace. 

Join us as we collectively take a deep dive into the art of respectfully disagreeing and arguing.    


Transforming challenges into Opportunities.

We begin by establishing the most basic principles you need to constructively resolve conflict at your workplace. Whether you are an employee, team leader, CEO or consultant, there are some basic frameworks that will help you navigate conflict more constructively and effectively. 

Whether it is a misunderstanding, a disagreement, full blown conflict or value-clash, with the right tools, you can make it a productive interaction. A conflict is nothing less than an invitation to take the time to create greater mutual understanding, take initiative to make necessary changes and implement long lasting solutions. Ready to dive into it?

This session will be moderated by Chisom Udeze and is FREE to attend, please RSVP below.

Nora Li-Fisher

Nora is the founder of PerspectiveXchange.

PerspectiveXchange supports passionate teams to resolve challenging situations and conflict with kindness and engagement. As a result of her work team members engage in vibrant perspective exchange, which enables them to tap into their unique human resources to multiply their problem solving ability and business results together. Nora is an experienced Conflict Coach and Mediator. She has the ability to navigate difficult conversations by setting the right frame and asking the right questions at the right time. She is a certified Mediator with a MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology from BI Norwegian Business School and a BA in Communication and Cultural Management from Zeppelin University in Germany.

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