Business Startup 101 – How to Monetize Your Passion

Hello friends! Due to the COVID-19, we have decided to move some of our events online. We understand that the spread of this virus has brought more uncertainty to our livelihoods, and has led to temporary or permanent loss of employment for many. So what can we do to adapt to our current climate?

At Diversify, one of our core mandates is to provide resources for people to start their own businesses. In making lemonades out of lemons, we are starting this with a series on “How to Start Up and Monetize Your Own Business”.

We are starting our first session with the indomitable Raja Skogland. This is a FREE event and starts at 2pm. To register, click here.

Raja Skogland.

Raja Skogland, our speaker and expert for this session, has recently become the CEO of TheFactory Academy. TheFactory Academy provides online courses and coaching that will allow entrepreneurs turn their idea into a profitable and scalable business! This offering also promises to provide you with the tools you need to secure your first customers, grow your company and Get Investor Ready!

Raja Skogland is passionate about entrepreneurship and hardwired with a drive to see people succeed. She believes that as people, regardless of where we come from, we can re-write our stories and positively accelerate our lives if we have the right tools and resources.

Raja on why she enjoys working with startups and empowering entrepreneurs…

“It’s one of my values and life’s mission to enable people with a validated idea to turn it into a profitable, sustainable and scalable business. I want people to have access to the opportunities, knowledge and network they need to succeed and materialize their dreams. This is what I have been dedicated to and my work in the last 5 years makes this clear. I am motivated by seeing happy people who are succeeding with achieving their dreams.” 

Click here to read more about Raja.

We look forward to speaking with Raja on Friday. This event is free but requires registeration. If you have not already registered your attendance, please do so. We look forward to seeing you! 

Watch the Video Recording of the Event Here:

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