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Regional Voting Period has Concluded

Join us for the first ever Nordic conference on Diversity and Inclusion on September 22, 2023

Regional winners 2022

Congratulations to all Regional Winners! 

The Trailblazer

Charlotte Biering


The Spark

Yesmith Sanchez


The Catalyst

Professional Women

of Colour Network


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The Guardian



The Groundbreaker

The human library


What are The Blaze Inclusion Awards

The Blaze Awards celebrate and illuminate trailblazers – individuals and organizations –  who actively and passionately uplift Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives in their workspaces, communities and society overall. With a focus on the Nordic region, the Blaze Awards highlight DEIB champions in each country and recognise outstanding individuals and organisations whose practices shine within and beyond the Nordics.

Why does it matter

Blaze Inclusion Awards (BIA) was initiated when Diversify identified a need to be aware of and highlight people and companies that are actively working towards an equitable and inclusive society. In our experience, these people and their work do not often get the recognition they deserve.

Consequently, we decided to empower and celebrate the growing diverse community of people across the Nordics who authentically champion Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) within their communities and workplace. 

BIA also aims to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of implementing intentional and measurable DEIB Strategies across all social and professional structures. To date, DEIB is still considered as a “nice-to-have”, instead of a “need-to-have” in companies and communities across the Nordics. We are on a mission to change this.

BIA reflects our relentless commitment and drive to create an equitable society, where every person, irrespective of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, socioeconomic status, identity and sexual orientation feels seen, heard and empowered to thrive.

Furthermore, BIA recognises that performative DEIB work is harmful and thus, we must collectively focus on creating and implementing DEIB initiatives that are intentional, actionable, measurable and impactful.

BIA will identify, center and celebrate the individuals and organizations who are doing the work across the public and private sectors.

Nominees and winners will have the unique opportunity to share their stories, experiences, policies and partnerships that have increased diversity, promoted equity and advanced full inclusion. Thus, they will serve as an inspiration to the community and society at large.

National winners 2022

Congratulations to all the nominees and National Winners! The National Winners will be automatically entered into the Regional Voting process. 







Blaze Inclusion Awards 2022 Nominees

Voting has begun


Till the end of national voting period 

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Timeline for the Blaze Inclusion Awards

There are no costs associated with inclusion in the BIA. We’re proudly not a pay-to-play award. The nominations, voting and selection of winners, is a democratic process and community led.

We appreciate that this might’ve come as a surprise so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


The Blaze Awards Call for Entries is now open. 
Below is a list of the 2023 CATEGORIES & DEFINITIONS for all six category types.


DEIB Practitioner

An individual who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment and proactiveness in the DEIB field in the past year.


Diversity, Inclusion, Community Engagement

An organisation that works to externally advance equality and equity on gender, race, ethnicity, disability inclusion, sexual orientation, and/or religion within society. A catalyst for change.


Diverse/Inclusive Workplace

A truly diverse workplace, where there is  representation across all company functions. Internally, staff members thrive, have equitable opportunities, are included and valued as they are.


Sustainability, Climate and Environmental Protection

An individual/company who/that actively works or advocates for climate and environmental protection. This organization or individual understands that there is a clear link between diversity, inclusion and climate protection.


Representation in the Media

Individual or a media house who/that continuously engages in diverse and inclusive thought-leadership. Here, representation of diverse people and stories matters.


Innovation & Tech

A company/start-up/scale-up with a product or service that is diverse, inclusive, innovative and responsible.

Blaze Inclusion Awards 2022 Nominees

How is it structured

Eligibility requirements

Nominated individuals and/or companies must be based and operate in the specific country they are nominated in. Upon nomination Diversify will carry out a background check of the operations and achievements of the nominees within the DEIB field. In case of finding no trace of activities within the DEIB field, the nominees will be disqualified.


Organization award overview

We accept nominations of individuals and/or companies/organisations from all sectors (public, private, non-profit) who/which actively and passionately advocate for and lead the way for a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable society and workspaces. 

The main category – The Trailblazer (DEIB), covers a broad spectrum of fields and topics to ensure that anyone who has been passionately fostering DEIB within all fields can be celebrated. The rest of the categories focus on specific themes, fields, or engagements, such as community engagement, workplace inclusion, environmental protection, media representation, and inclusive innovation.


16th of February – 1st Panel Discussion “The state of diversity and inclusion in the Nordics”

16th of February – 30th of March  –  Nominations period within each country;

16th of March  –  2nd Panel Discussion;

13th of April  –  Top 6 nominees in each category within the country announced;

13th of April – 25th of May National voting period;

18th of May  –  3rd Panel Discussion;

10th of June  –  Country specific Winners announced;

22nd of June – 1st of August  –  Regional Voting period;

Announcement of the Regional Blaze Inclusion Awards winners at The Annual

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